Microservices or Microservice Architecture is the architectural pattern that structures an application as a collection of small independent services that talk with each other modeled around a Business. In Microservice Architecture, each service is self-contained and implements a single Business capability.


Benefits of using microservice architecture

  • Modifications can be done easily – Microservices creates a loosely coupled system. So if we ever want to rebuild, upgrade or replace a microservice then we simply rebuilding that particular service instead of rebuilding entire application.
  • Stateless Communication – Each request and the respective response establishes independent transactions helping you to scale effortlessly.
  • Prevents from a complete shutdown – If one of your microservice goes down then it won’t lead to disruption of other microservices or the entire system.
  • Interoperability – Each microservice can be written in different programming languages.

Image source: Google images.

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